The CCI-Message Diagnostic

Message Diagnostics

A consistent, worldwide campaign is an ideal for many global marketers.  But this goal proves frustratingly hard to achieve.

Kantar Millward Brown analysed test results for over 24,000 global films. They identified 500 that were exceptional in persuasion and impact.  When used in another market, only 11% remained exceptional performers. 40% scored average, or worse.

Hofstede Insights CCI Message Diagnostics addresses this issue.  We can help marketing materials travel better, lowering production costs, and increasing strategic consistency. This diagnostics will help: 

  • Identify which markets are most culturally receptive to your creative idea
  • Provide an in-depth understanding of barriers to cultural acceptance
  • Assess your material against the storytelling styles of local cultures
  • Pinpoint executional elements that would derail otherwise effective campaigns
  • Make informed decisions about when and where to originate new creative briefs

A CCI-Message Diagnostics brings clarity to cultural communications problems may appear to be complex.  It can reveal hidden factors invisible to both local and global executives, providing simple executional changes that our clients have found greatly increase the effectiveness of global material.

Contact us to see how the CCI-Message Diagnostics can help your global campaigns succeed.