Organisational Culture Transformation package


Understanding the culture of your organisation without the help of an objective tool can feel like an overwhelming endeavour. Everyone will have their own opinion on the culture, but that opinion will always be subjective. Nevertheless, we cannot change our Organisational Culture without knowing our starting point. 

Our Organisational Culture Transformation package helps you uncover the culture you currently have and change it to give you the best opportunity for long-term success. It is a complete package for you if you want to:

  • Change the culture of your organisation
  • Understand the culture of your organisation better
  • Understand how people in your organisation relate to their work and the organisation
  • Find out what underlying causes or practices are creating issues in your organisation
  • Make sure the way of doing things in your organisation supports your goals
  • Align the culture of your organisation with your strategy

Through discussions, workshops and interviews, we will translate your change goals into real-life work activities. We will also guide the executive team to help support the strategy with their own behaviour because change starts from the top.

We combine Organisational Culture and National Culture, allowing you to optimise your work practices but doing it in a way that recognizes people’s values and motivation. This ensures diversity will flourish in your teams and work for the benefit of your organisation.

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What makes us unique

  • Our non-normative and contextual tools are developed to offer a fully customised solution for your organisation’s unique circumstances.
  • Our Answer Pattern Recognition technology ensures that we capture the holistic view of the culture of your organisation, not just the sum of individual answers.
  • Our fully customisable subcultures and the automated gap analysis enable you to create consistent, coherent, and surgical change. 
  • Our integrated leadership behavioural analysis helps leaders identify which parts of their own behaviour will help with executing the strategy and what they can do to drive change in the organisation.

Transformation package includes

  • Intake interview to define the target for the transformation process and co-create the plan to carry it out 
  • Organisational Culture Scan to measure the current culture of your organisation through an online survey and/or interviews
  • 3 Workshops to guide you through the transformation process every step of the way
  • Levers of Change™ to support indirect cultural transformation by implementing these levers of change
  • Executive Match 360 to measure 360° of feedback of your management team and make sure management is aligned with your culture
  • Customisation available

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