The Cultural Executive Ownership (CEO) Programme

The Cultural Executive Ownership Programme

The CEO programme is a fully tailored programme designed for      c- suite executives. 

Available as an online programme

After completing the CEO programme you will understand how:

  • organisational culture impacts your organisation,
  • behaviour impacts your culture,
  • intercultural issues influence how communication is perceived. 


Download the brochure here.


About the Programme

  • The programme starts with an intake interview during which explicit KPI´s are defined. 
  • First Session: The participant(s) follow an online e-learning to dive into the basics of cultural awareness and is followed up by a physical intake session conducted by the appointed facilitator. 
  • Between the first session and the following session a leadership analysis is conducted. The analysis includes the feedback of 5 peers and 5 subordinates.
  • Second Session: This session focuses on the effectiveness of leadership behaviour.
  • Between the 2nd and 3rd session a personal cultural pitfall assessment is conducted.
  • Third session:  How does national culture impact behavioural perceptions.
  • Fourth session: Focus on how the virtual environment impacts leadership communication – sharing observations and providing input on best practices.
  • Fifth session: Reflection on lessons learned. 
  • Sixth session: Reflection on journey undertaken and how to continue.

(The sessions might alternate in sequence, depending on which topics come forth as being more pressing)

Each CEO programme generally includes:

  • an intake call and report
  • an intermediate progress report
  • a final observation report
  • a personal leadership analysis
  • a personal cultural pitfall analysis
  • an e-learning and a face to face general culture briefing 
  • 5 private face to face or virtual sessions of 60-90 minutes each


I worked with a Hofstede Insights Executive Coach [as part of a CEO programme] with the goal to grow and evolve as an HR professional. I have had a great experience. It helped me to develop the ability to understand other people’s perspectives, to build deeper relationships, which are crucial in an intercultural environment. He helped me gain insight into my own mindset and my preferred communication strategies in order to evolve it to enable me to be even more effective for my current role and where I want to go from a career perspective in the future. He helped me to stay on track throughout the coaching process, he always created an open and honest environment and demonstrated integrity and authenticity.
Sakun Ganason
Hr Director Microsoft (Mixed Reality) // Coached by Hofstede Insights Associate Partner Michael Siller