The Cultural Executive Ownership (CEO) Programme


The CEO programme is a fully tailored programme designed for      c- suite executives. 

After completing the CEO programme you will understand how:

  • organisational culture impacts your organisation,
  • behaviour impacts your culture,
  • intercultural issues influence how communication is perceived. 

About the Programme

  • The programme starts with an intake interview during which explicit KPI´s are defined. 
  • First Session: The participant(s) follow an online e-learning to dive into the basics of cultural awareness and is followed up by a physical intake session conducted by the appointed facilitator. 
  • Between the first session and the following session a leadership analysis is conducted. The analysis includes the feedback of 5 peers and 5 subordinates.
  • Second Session: This session focuses on the effectiveness of leadership behaviour.
  • Between the 2nd and 3rd session a personal cultural pitfall assessment is conducted.
  • Third session:  How does national culture impact behavioural perceptions.
  • Fourth session: Focus on how the virtual environment impacts leadership communication – sharing observations and providing input on best practices.
  • Fifth session: Reflection on lessons learned. 
  • Sixth session: Reflection on journey undertaken and how to continue.

(The sessions might alternate in sequence, depending on which topics come forth as being more pressing)

Each CEO programme generally includes:

  • an intake call and report
  • an intermediate progress report
  • a final observation report
  • a personal leadership analysis
  • a personal cultural pitfall analysis
  • an e-learning and a face to face general culture briefing 
  • 5 private face to face or virtual sessions of 60-90 minutes each