The Cultural Executive Ownership (CEO) Programme


The CEO programme is a fully tailored exclusive coaching programme designed for C- suite executives. 

After completing the CEO programme you will understand how:

  • Culture influences management and leadership on and offline,
  • Organisational Culture impacts your organisation,
  • your own behaviour influences Organisational
  • can you make sure all of this supports
    your strategy.

This programme will equip you with the necessary competencies to effectively respond to the challenges that global leaders are faced with today. Designed to create insights into how leadership behaviour impacts working practices across the globe, it will provide you with best practices for effective global leadership, and concrete and personalised feedback on how to better leverage your own behaviour.

The programme is also available for executive teams.

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CEO programme includes

  • An interactive e-learning Master-Class
  • 6 coaching sessions
  • A leadership analysis
  • A selection of relevant assessments
  • Target paths for you to further tailor your programme
  • A personal plan

MODULES OF the Programme

  • Kick-off: The programme starts with an intake interview during which explicit KPI´s are defined.
  • Leadership Analysis: This analysis includes the feedback of 5 peers and 5 subordinates and provides insights into your leadership behaviour.
  • Culture and Leadership: The focus lies on the analysis of the personal cultural assessment you have completed to understand how national culture impacts behavioural perception.
  • Choose your path:
    • Leadership and Trust
    • Global Mobility
    • Branding and Culture
  • Reflection and planning 

These sessions might alternate in sequence, depending on which topics come forth as being more pressing.

A group of 24 of our local leadership team members participated in Hofstede
Insight´s CEO (Cultural Executive Ownership) Program. The program enabled a very
open and deeply personal reflection and discussion within the team on how we can
further support our new GE strategy by our own behaviour, within the context of
our local operations. The cultural insights provided made it easier for our team
members to align their own way of working with the new strategy. I can highly
recommend any manager working internationally to participate to this program.
Nina Jankola-Vantar
Country HR manager

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