Welcome to the first issue of the Associate Partner Magazine

The goal of the Associate Partner Magazine is to share examples of the impact culture has on life via stories written by our certified experts and our clients. We hope they help you and your team to build your best culture to perform.

In this edition: raza

  • The 7 mental images of National Culture
  • Noor Bank - A success story
  • A cheerful job - A case study
  • Short case studies
  • Organisational Culture - Walk the talk
  • How to create team spirit in a global virtual team
  • Build your cultural consultancy
  • News and upcoming solutions
  • Doing business in Pakistan - A CUBE IN article
  • Meet our Associate Partners

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We wish to express our gratitude to all those who collaborated as the end result is in our view exemplary of what successful cross-cultural virtual collaboration can bring. Special thanks to Egbert Schram, Navkaran Singh, Kari Säkkinen, Alexandra Paksiova, Celia Zanin-Lassila, Erika Visser, Martin Karaffa, Salman Raza, Valerie Servant, Michael Siller, Huib Wursten, Aitor Sevillano, Pia Kähärä, Mitri Häkkinen, Claudia Neiman, Itzel Ruiz, Michael Schachner and many others.
On the cover: Huib Wursten and Pia Kähärä at the official The 7 Mental Images book launch, unfortunately Erika Visser could not be present at the launch.