The CCI-Find Your Tribe


Strong brands have fans.  These are the fans that believe in your brand values and advocate for them.  Oftentimes, they form part of distinct cultural groups—in short, they become a brand tribe. 

CCI-Find Your Tribe uses original research from your fans to discover the beliefs that unite them and the values that bond them to your brand. In turn, CCI-Find Your Tribe helps: 

  • Identify the markets where potential fans are found in greatest number
  • Direct resources to markets with the greatest cultural fit
  • Craft relationship-marketing plans that are persistently effective
  • Manage social-media communities effectively
  • Determine where community building can be online, and where it must entail offline activity
  • Expand the fan base with tailored messages that make your brand culturally relevant

CCI-Find Your Tribe can work with your existing data on loyal customers.  Alternately, through our partnership with Mediacom and sister company Kantar, we can identify consumers who are already your fiercest advocates, and use this data for further development

Contact us to see how CCI-Find Your Tribe can help you understand your best, most loyal customers and tell you where on the planet to find more of them.