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iStock-660666500An analytical tool providing key insights into your Team Culture

Get a snapshot of your Team Culture that can help you to identify the potential pitfalls and make you and your team more efficient.

The Team Culture Scan report uses data from thousands of organisations in all industries to measure your culture and to match it to our extensive dataset. It generates a report that will show you where you might want to focus your efforts by applying the Multi-Focus Model™ of Organisational Culture.


The Team Culture Scan report will provide you with :

  • Your team's position on 6 dimensions of the Multi-Focus Model™ of Organisational Culture.
  • The actual culture of your team.
  • Statements answered by more than XX% of the team (eg. a critical attitude will be severely sanctioned, we never tell our boss what we think)
Purchase the Team Culture Scan

The Process

After purchasing the Team Culture Scan you will receive an email containing a link.

  1. Click the link and start the process.
  2. Enter the email addresses of the group members (ideally a sample of 5 - 30 respondents). Include yourself if you are a part of the group. 
  3. The members of your group will immediately receive an email containing a link to the survey. The survey contains 46 questions about your working environment and 23 questions on work-related values. It takes about 15 minutes to answer.
You are in control 

As a manager of the Team Culture Scan, you can use the original link as long as the process is ongoing (by default 30 days from the purchase date). 

With it you can:

    • check who has answered,
    • add more respondents,
    • change the reminder or reporting date,
    • manually generate the report (you need at least 5 respondents).

The Report

Download the demo report

About the Report

The charts on the report pages show the Actual Culture of your team on the 6 dimensions of the Multi-Focus Model on Organizational Culture. To interpret your results and to learn more about what certain positions on the dimensions mean, you can use the Organisational Culture Click & Learn App.
If you would like to dive deeper, our expert consultants can help you analyse the results and make the most of your report. For more information fill in the form below.
  • Red areas - Dysfuntionality
    If your team as a whole is positioned within the red area, it means that the culture is dysfunctional on
    this dimension. If your score is on the border of the red area, it may still be functional, as
    only 10 points or more really make a difference.
    The red area only indicates dysfunctionality for the average score of the team on this dimension,
    not for individual statements. Not being in the red area does not necessarily mean the team is functional. Functionality is directly connected to what the team should achieve.
  • Statements in Purple - Agreement 
    The statements in purple are those 6 statements per dimension that have the least variance in answers. In other words, respondents agree about those the most. The statements in purple correspond to the answer over which most respondent agreed on. 

How to best use your Team Culture report?

You need to think about what your Optimal Culture would be (the one that best enables you to achieve your goals). If there is a big difference between your Actual Culture and your optimal one, these are the areas you should focus on. Try to come up with measures that will make people behave differently (more in line with your Optimal Culture). These should be very practical and enforceable.
To visualize the differences between the Actual and Optimal Culture you can upgrade your report
to the Organisational Culture Scan report.


The survey can be filled in the following languages: Arabic, Chinese (Simplified),
Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Macedonian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish (Latin America), Spanish (Spain), Swedish, Turkish.
The team report is currently only available in English, Brazilian Portuguese and Japanese. The Organisational Culture Scan report and survey are available in several more languages.

culture - your tool to change

If your Actual and Optimal Cultures are not aligned, consider either changing the culture or using culture as a tool of change.
Hofstede Insights can support you with change tools:

  • Levers of change™: changes culture indirectly through implementation of levers of change.
  • Executive Match 360™: 360° feedback of your management team - make sure your management is aligned with your culture.


Why has my report not arrived?

  • The report was sent to your spam box (please check your spam)
  • Incorrect email address has been typed. To solve this issue, please contact support (support @ for help.

I had told our team manager that our team had an issue, I just couldn't put my finger on it. 

With the help of the survey (The Culture Team Scan), I identified the issue using the answers that showed up in the report. It gave me ammunition to use and show her what the problem was. Now we can solve it.

Team Culture Scan user 2020

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