A research-backed tool to measure, understand and shape your Organisational Culture. 

Used by some of the worlds largest organisations, the Organisational Culture Scan is a strategic tool that can accurately measure the Actual Culture of your organisation, providing input to set your optimal culture and precisely define your change priorities. 

The Organisational Culture Scan will also provide precise data on: 

  • Acceptance of leadership style
  • Employee identification with the organisation
  • How do employees relate to each other, their work and the outside world
  • How ready to change is your organisation
  • What are the gaps between your actual and optimal culture, including precise information on the cause behind the gaps
  • Data on strength vs. weakness, common characteristics and early warning signals
  • Practical and actionable input for change
  • Prioritisation of change actions

The OCS is designed to be used as part of an overall consulting intervention led by an internal or an external certified practitioner. Contact us for more information on how to get started. 


More Information 

About the Organisational Culture Scan

The Organisational Culture Scan comprises 3 surveys: 

  • The Quick Scan
    • To measure the actual culture of the organisation 
    • Filled by all
    • 75 Questions ( 20 minutes to complete it.)
  • The Questionnaire on Bounding (QoB)
    • To understand the context of the organisations
    • Filled by the CEO
    • 19 questions (10 min)
  • The Questionnaire on Functional Diversity (QoFD)
    • To understand the context of each group
    • Filled by the group leader
    • 21 questions. (10 min)

Available languages 

The scans can be filled in the following languages:

Arabic (not QoB*), Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, English (non-native) (not QoB*) Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian (not QoB*), Indonesian, Italian (not QoB*), Japanese, Macedonian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Europe), Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish (Latin America), Spanish (Spain), Swedish, Thai, Turkish. 

The reports are currently available in Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Latin America).

*QoB questionnaire on bounding generally filled by the CEO, MD or president.

The Organisational Culture Consulting process

The Organisational Culture Scan is designed to be used as part of an overall consulting intervention led by a certified practitioner. 

The process is simple:

  • Step 1: Set Targets Define the change objectives and plan subcultures together with a certified consultant
  • Step 2: Measure The Organisational Culture Scan is launched ( the 3 surveys sent by email via our proprietary system)
  • Step 3: Define the Optimal Culture for your organisation together with a certified consultant
  • Step 4: Gap analysis and prioritisation of the change
  • Step 5: Create contextually sensitive plans to ensure success
  • Step 6: Change Plan and implement the change efforts

All change journeys are different, we support you in creating your best culture to perform.

We had the opportunity to assist Noor Bank's bank-wide culture transformation. In 2019, Noor Bank was awarded the prestigious "Best Transformation and Strategy 2019" and CEO John Iossifidis the award for "Best Transformation Leader". 

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Culture "was actually the most important thing we forgot [when] building this business. And I think that’s where our journey starts. And, also, the partnership with Hofstede Insights.”

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The Organisational Culture Scan report


Understand the impact of Culture on your Organisation