ABOUT THE Hofstede Insights Associate PArtners

With over 150 certified consultants in 60 countries, our highly selective network of culture and management consultants possess extensive professional experience and knowledge on how to implement culturally sensitive management practices, align working practices with strategic goals and help with creating organisations which have the Best Culture to Perform. With proven cases from working with brands such as GE, Novartis, TUI, Unilever and many more, Hofstede Insights brings organisations from international presence to true global effectiveness.

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Join our group of EXPERT CONSULTANTS

In order to ensure the highest quality standard and fulfil the needs of our clients, our application process is extremely selective.

We require Associate Partners of Hofstede Insights to:

  • possess strong didactical skills and be able to generate creative, innovative and practical ideas
  • have occupied higher management positions
  • have high standards of professionalism and intercultural empathy
  • have strong sales skills to do their own sales and assignment acquisitions
  • have lived and worked in at least two countries outside of their home country
  • be fluent in several languages, both written and verbally

Given the highly collaborative nature of this expert group, in addition to these basic requirements, we strongly value personal attributes such as integrity, openness, sensitivity, and a strong sense of initiative. A Hofstede Insights consultant is a unique blend of consultant, trainer, coach, and sales professional. 



To ensure the safety of both our participants and expert trainers, the programme has been completely redesigned to offer the same high-level of learning via virtual means. The Virtual Programme consists of 7 parts of both synchronous and asynchronous elements.

Follow the link to read more about our Virtual Certification Programme.

The objective of the certification programme is to enhance your proficiency in the field of Intercultural Management by incorporating Professor Hofstede's and Hofstede Insights' knowledge, concepts, methodology and materials into your existing intercultural skill set.

The programme consists of: 

  1. Pre-course e-learning (including readings, group exercises, virtual Master Class on culture)
  2. Four days face to face course and workshops
  3. Six coaching sessions 
  4. Observation and feedback 

 More detailed information about the certification programme can be found here.



  • Standard of excellence. Showcase to your clients that you are a member of an established international organisation that sets worldwide standards.
  • Connection to the masters and builders of the field.
  • Peer learning and exchange.
    • Support from a worldwide network of experts
    • Continuous peer learning 
    • Monthly virtual events (on topics related to culture, consulting, personal branding and new technologies..)
    • Exclusive Master Classes and certification programmes
    • Access to #TheCultureFactor conferences and selected events
  • Personal Branding.
    • An email address @hofstede-insights.com 
    • A profile on our website
    • Business cards
  • Everything you need to get started.
    • Access to an unlimited virtual cloud
    • Access to selected software needed to create the material for your coaching/training
    • Access to our material archives (30 years of documentation cases and exercises)
    • Training material
  • Go further.
    • Help us contribute to the field as we regularly support research projects
    • Involvement in the creation of tools and learning materials


The diverse range of people who join the Hofstede Insights Network demonstrate outstanding cultural knowledge, a wide variety of experiences of working, leading and living abroad, and a strong record of consulting and management experience across multiple countries.

Discover profiles of our associate partners.

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