The Cultural Ambassador Programme

The Cultural Ambassador Programme

The Cultural Ambassador is an intensive programme designed for managers and senior managers. 

You will leave the course knowing how to:

  • recognise how your own personal background impacts the way you see and resolve problems in the workplace.
  • develop insights into how to navigate the field of culture and strategy using different models of culture.
  • use case studies and experiential training to recognise how these factors impact your personal work situations.
  • recognise the role culture plays in everyday activities within your organisation.

About the Programme:

Upcoming Courses

The Ambassador Course is organised in various locations around the world each year and is hosted by a select group of Senior Hofstede Insights consultants who are certified practitioners in both Intercultural Management and Organisational Culture.

DATE Price LOCATION Registration
May 2022 800$

Nairobi, Kenya

For information and registration please contact
August 2022 ₦450,000

Lagos, Nigeria

For information and registration please contact
November  2022 800$

Accra, Ghana

For information and registration please contact

Local currency pricing available in the respective countries // Local Registrations close 3 weeks before the start of each course, to enable Online pre-Course
learning. // Dates & Pricing, subject to change // Discounted Pricing only available to participants resident in Africa // Other Terms and Conditions apply.



E-learning on Culture

This e-learning will help you explore the impact of culture on working effectively and confidently despite differences in culture and experience. In addition, you will gain a better understanding of Hofstede’s model, a practical and scientifically-based tool for intercultural management. It is the first step to understanding and managing individual and collective behaviours in an intercultural context.

Team Culture Scan

The Team Culture scan is an online tool designed to measure the culture of a group (for teams of up to 30 members) through an online questionnaire. After members of the team have completed the survey, you will receive a report with your actual scores on the dimensions of Organisational Culture and 6 statements per dimension describing your culture. This allows you to assess whether the culture supports the goals of the team/organisation or whether you’d like to change it.  

The Culture Compass survey

The Hofstede Insights Culture Compass™ helps you understand the impact of your own cultural value preferences and behaviour while working with people from selected countries, and recognise how your own, personal background impacts the way you see and resolve problems in the workplace.

2-day course

Day 1

09:00                 Welcome
09:15-10:45       Simulation and introduction to culture
11:00-12.30       Hofstede 6-D model – a language to master
13.30-15.00       The impact of culture on communication
14.30-15.30       Case Study
15.45-16.30       Clustering reality
16.30-17.00       Q&A

Day 2
09:00                Welcome
09:15-10:45      How does organisational culture form?
11:00-12.30      How do you change organisational culture?
13.30-14.30      How do you measure organisational culture?
14.30-15.30      Connecting organisational culture and national culture
15.45-16.30      Leading change
16.30-17.00      Q&A
17:00                End of the day

I really enjoyed the Ambassador {programme} the course itself was intense and very practical. The lecturer really knew what he was talking about. After the course, I pointed out the issues I knew we had to my team and explained the report to them, and what we could do about it. This got me so much interested in Culture I signed up to the certification course.


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