IntercultuRAL Management toolsIntercultural Management tools

Cultural diversity makes an organisation stronger. Designed by expert consultants, researchers, learning specialists and designers, our tools are specifically created to be used in conjunction with the training and consulting programmes offered by Hofstede Insights and delivered by members of our network of experts. 

Culture Compass

An analytical tool providing key insights into the consequences of culture.

Get tailored feedback about your professional capacity and your personal preferences based on Hofstede's 6-Dimensional Model after answering a 42 question questionnaire.

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E-Learning Master Class

The “Introduction to Intercultural Management” Master Class was created by a team of learning experts, designers, editors, business and culture consultants to ensure that it is impacting, practical, and merges perfectly with the training and consulting programmes offered by Hofstede Insights. 

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Country Comparison tool

A graphical overview of Hofstede Model of National Culture.

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