The CCI-Creative BRief Workshop


Global brands want to ensure that their essence is consistent across markets.  But perfect consistency is hard to achieve and cultural issues often frustrate the implementation of a global campaign.  

A Hofstede Insights CCI-Creative Brief Workshop uses a unique visual approach to isolate stories that have cultural resonance and can inspire creative teams in every corner of the globe. This  workshop will help: 

  • Maximise buy-in from global stakeholders
  • Minimise material variation
  • Tailor the production of materials to fit the cultural communication environments in which they will appear
  • Assess where material variation will pay greatest dividends
  • Tell you which consumers respond to messages about product benefit and which to messages about brand
  • Paint a vivid picture of global consumer groups, as defined by their culture and values.

A CCI-Creative Brief Workshop is an ideal addition to a global gathering of marketing or creative agency personnel.  Hofstede Insights is unmatched in our ability to manage cross-cultural groups; we revel in your team‘s diversity and work to ensure your teams leave the session feeling empowered, with a practical and inspiring creative plan

Contact us to see how a Hofstede Insights CCI Creative Brief Workshop can give your global campaigns on a successful foundation, from the start.