The corporate culture of your organisation is one of its greatest strategic assets. We use a six dimension multi-focus model to help you manage your culture for greater productivity, innovation, and agility.

By utilising a blended learning approach in our programmes, we ensure that the results of our interventions are immediately applicable and with lasting effects. 


Consulting Programme

For executives

Our Organisation Culture consulting programme is an intensive process that will help you visualise, reflect and change your Organisational Culture.

More information about this programme coming soon. 



For executives, internal consultants and HR directors

The Cultural Ambassador is an intensive programme designed for managers and senior managers. This two-day workshop will help you visualise the impact corporate culture and national culture have on your operations, gain skills to effectively identify the cultural challenges within your organisation and take measures to minimise their effects.

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CULTURAL Executive Ownership (CEO) Programme

For executives

The Cultural Ownership Programme, is a fully tailored programme designed for C-Suite executives. This programme can be delivered face to face or partially online. After an initial meeting a programme is designed specifically for the participant. The exact focus, cases and exercises are  designed to adress the relevant challenges that the participant is facing and the context he/she is operating in.

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For organisations

The Best Culture to Perform Award honours those who have shown that their culture best serves their strategy. The main goal is to enable organisational effectiveness by providing you with valuable and unique insights to build the Best Culture to Perform. Our approach is based on the Multi-Focus model and consists of 5 steps: Kick-off meeting, 2 Workshops, Measuring and a Wrap-up meeting.

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