INTERCultural COMPETENCE Programme


The Intercultural Competence programme consists of practical sessions and analytical tools designed for multinational teams or companies who want to improve their
collaboration, team alignment and communication skills.

Practical skills and knowledge acquired in this programme will serve participants in any culturally diverse situations they might face.


Understanding your organisation's needs is our priority 

To design a solution that delivers practical results, we start all programmes with a needs analysis and a pre-course survey. They will help us determine:

  • Main topics of interest (eg. management strategies, conflict management, virtual collaboration,..)
  • Which countries are most relevant for you
  • Which facilitator will best engage with the audience

Download the complete brochure here.


THE programme includes

  • Training needs analysis aligned with the organisation's stakeholders
  • Programme tailoring
  • Access to the online tools:
  • Interactive workshop series
  • Evaluation and debrief with the organisation's stakeholders

MODULES OF the Programme

The programme can be conducted in a form of virtual or face-to-face workshops consisting of

  • Introduction to National Culture
  • Personal culture pitfall
  • Cross-cultural communication practices
  • Case study and exercises (the case study can be tailored for each company/team)

For pricing and more details review our brochure.

Virtual badge for all participants

All participants of this programme will receive a virtual badge to share on their social media accounts.Badge_Intercultural Competence


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