Consumer Culture Intelligence


Culture defines our values; values drive brands.  When the two work in sync, it spells marketplace success. 

The Hofstede Insights CCI (developed in conjunction with Mediacom) empowers marketers to weigh the benefits of global synergy to take advantage of the opportunities of unique local action.  It flags potential cultural barriers for a brand and identifies means to overcome them.  The CCI can give any brand, regardless of its global footprint, a better understanding on why consumers respond to specific brands and messages in different ways.

Hofstede Insights customises every CCI client consultancy.  Below, you’ll see some of the many ways in which The Culture Factor™ can fuel your brand’s success.

CCI- Find Your Tribe CCI-Creative Brief Workshop CCI-Message Diagnostics

Does your brand know what stirs the passions of its most loyal fans? The CCI-Find Your Tribe can tell you what drives their loyalty, how they might advocate for your brand, and in which markets you find them.

Are you about to create a brief for a global campaign?
A CCI-Creative Brief Workshop can help you plan ahead, make material more internationally versatile, and avoid pitfalls.

Do you have a piece of marketing material that performs well in one culture and fails in another? The CCI-Message Diagnostics can tell you why.

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The Cultural Connections research was conducted in 2015-16-17 with one of our partners, Mediacom - the global advertising agency. In this study, nearly 60,000 respondents across 63 countries were surveyed

The results of the Cultural Connection research allow us to build detailed profiles of consumer cultures which we call the Consumer Culture Intelligence (CCI).

This data can be used for further analysis into:

  • Consumer Behaviour Analysis (offered through our partner Mediacom)
  • Companies making decisions about entering new markets
  • Governmental agencies looking for insights into the values of people, including value transformation programmes
  • Combination analysis with other statistical data
  • Dimensions and customised information can be also be calculated for different groups based on gender, education, regions, and levels of income
  • Granular data for most regions in the world (an exceptional feature of this study)

The study was conducted by Mediacom and Michael Minkov. Professor of Cross-Cultural Behaviour at International University College, Bulgaria. Prof. Minkov is the co-author of Cultures and Organisations: Software of the Mind. 3rd Edition, McGraw-Hill USA, 2010 along with Geert Hofstede and Gert Jan Hofstede.

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