What we do at Hofstede Insights

Culture ranks among the strongest influences on human behaviour. Brands, businesses, and organisations which work with cultural forces, rather than against them, enjoy a significant strategic edge. Hofstede Insights calls this advantage The Culture Factor™.

Management texts often cast strategy and culture as enemies.  For over 30 years, Hofstede Insights has shown how misleading that assumption can be. 

Anchored in rigorous academic theory, our data-driven analysis pinpoints the role and scope of culture in your organisation’s success. Our network of experts consultants blend this knowledge with a deep human insight; each brings wisdom borne of experience and skilled cultural observation.  This unique combination delivers unrivalled results, time and again—powerful interventions that unleash transformative change. 



At Hofstede Insights we aim to provide you with practical means to manage The Culture Factor™. Using three research based concepts, we have operationalised our approach to offer you tangible and practical solutions.

Unique competing zone


An effective 5 step consulting process based on the Multi-Focus Model.
The Hofstede Multi-Focus Model on Organisational Culture is a strategic tool aimed at helping organisations to have a functional culture


Steps of Organisational Culture consulting 

We help organisations recognise the strengths that lies hidden in the diversity of their workforce of their common organisational practices and understand the benefits of the national cultures of their personnel.

Translate complex challenges into practical solutions.

We improve the effectiveness of organisations working amid diverse cultural backgrounds and give you the know-how, competence, and tools to assess, measure and capitalise on cultural diversity.

Our consulting and training programmes are highly customisation to fit your specific context. 
  • DIAGNOSIS: Identify your organisation’s precise needs. Discover where your focus should be.
  • IN-HOUSE TRAINING PROGRAMMES: A sophisticated understanding of the intercultural aspects that influence daily operations.
  • MANAGEMENT TEAM CONSULTING: Address challenges that management teams face with multicultural teams.
  • E-LEARNING: One-hour e-learning programme to increase cultural awareness.
  • COUNTRY-SPECIFIC MANAGEMENT BRIEFINGS: Recognise and assess the potential pitfalls when preparing staff for expatriation to a specific country.

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Consumer Culture Intelligence Solutions

The Hofstede Insights CCI (developed in conjunction with Mediacom) empowers marketers to weigh the benefits of global synergy to take advantage of the opportunities of unique local action.  It flags potential cultural barriers for a brand and identifies means to overcome them.  The CCI can give any brand, regardless of its global footprint, a better understanding on why consumers respond to specific brands and messages in different ways.

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Offering our clients the key to unlock cultural insights is what we have done since 1985, enabling organisations ranging from Lindstrom, Ikea, Siemens, IBM to align their cultural context and strategy.