The Cultural Adaptability Profile 

Increase your expatriation success rate

Designed by experts in global mobility consisting of researchers, expatriation consultants and L&D specialists, the Cultural Adaptability Profile is a scientifically validated assessment that maximises the chance of being successful in another country.

Combining the information provided by the Cultural Adaptability Profile (CAP) with the expertise of our CAP certified consultants, we can precisely identify areas of improvement to achieve better cultural adaptability.

The Cultural Adaptability Profile is available in our Global Mobility Package including a CAP analysis, an individual action plan and dedicated coaching. For more information contact us using the form below.  



The CAP report


How does it work? 

The Cultural Adaptability Profile (CAP) is an assessment that predicts how a person will react and cope in an unfamiliar situation. This reaction depends on a wide spectrum of factors, one of which is the important interplay between personality and value preferences together with those of the local culture.

For example, some people are more likely to remain calm in an unfamiliar cultural environment, whereas others become upset. This discomfort may be so great that, in certain cases, some people’s reaction may be to leave or, at the very least, remain unhappy, frustrated, and dissatisfied if they stay in the host environment. All this has an impact on the success of the expatriation and quality of the work and likelihood of retention. 


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