The Culture compass

Culture CompassAn analytical tool providing key insights into the consequences of culture.

Get tailored feedback about your professional capacity and your personal preferences based on Hofstede's 6-Dimensional Model after answering a 42 question questionnaire.

The Culture Compass will provide you with personalised cultural guidance to: 

  • Discover the reasons behind the behaviour you are likely to encounter

  • Understand the impact of your own cultural value preferences

  • Anticipate potential behavioural pitfalls while working with others

  • NEW: a page "your personal profile" has been added. It shows your personal scores on all six dimensions compared to norm data from the nearly 30 000 respondents to the Culture Compass.
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The Report

The Process

After purchasing the Culture Compass you will receive an email containing a link to your survey.

  • Fill in your personal details
  • Select your country of interest (you can select up to 3 countries)
  • Select your capacity/role
  • Fill in the survey, you will be asked to give your preferences regarding 42 pairs of questions on a five-point scale
  • You will receive your report by email

About the Report

  • 6 roles to choose from (subordinate, colleague, superior, negotiator, person transferring know-how, long-term visitor)
  • Country to country comparison
  • Comparison of your personal preferences and a selected country
  • English report

After using the Culture Compass you will be presented with a report comparing your personal preferences to a country of your choice taking into consideration the role that you have selected.

For each dimension, two comparisons are shown on two pages: the country to country comparison and your personal preferences compared to a country.

A score on a cultural dimension represents a society’s preference for one state of affairs over another, as compared to other societies.

In your personal feedback we compare the individual answers you have given in the online survey to the score of a country. For each role you have selected, feedback is given on the three answers that differ the most from the country score.

Download the demo report


The report is currently only available in English and will be translated into several languages in the upcoming months. Follow us on LinkedIn to stay updated.


Countries available

There are over 100 countries available in our database. 


Why has my report not arrived?

  • You have used a code and the person who purchased it asked that you do not receive the report (please contact the person that bought the code for you)
  • The report was sent to your spam box (please check your spam)
  • Incorrect email address has been typed. To solve this issue, please contact support (support @ for help.

Can you use the Culture Compass to measure Organisational Culture?

No. The Culture Compass is a tool to assess individual preferences at the level of national cultures. Organisational culture covers differences in practices among different organisations. National culture covers specifically differences in values among people born and raised in different societies.

Why is my country not included?

Unfortunately, some countries were not included in the research; therefore the data does not exist.


Culture Compass has been transformative for me!  One example, I wanted to delegate entirely to my colleagues (some of whom I have been working with for over 10-15 years) but I was not getting them to take ownership to the extent I wanted them to.  It was later when I reflected on what I had learned that I realised there was a Culture component at play (high uncertainty avoidance).  I adjusted my way of working with them now and so far, all is going much better.

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