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Noor Bank

Customer story: In 2019 Noor Bank was awarded the prestigious "Best Transformation and Strategy 2019" discover the work we have done together with Noor Bank in the 2 following special reports published in the Banker Middle East.  Read more



The problem was that at this stage the team had not taken the role of culture into account. In fact, culture "was actually the most important thing we forgot when building this business. And I think that’s where our journey starts. And, also, the partnership with Hofstede Insights.”

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We are proud to be helping our clients and strive to offer the best to each and every one of them. 

By far, one of the best training I have attended throughout my career in FirstBank. It is very practical and Okey Okey has a great grasp of the subject matter and provided us with an incredible delivery as well. The training has shed light on a lot of grey areas and put definitions in a lot of the issues we see happening today regarding our social and cultural behaviours. There has been a paradigm shift in my thought process, my mind and my biases are open and unhinged. I already see some positive outcomes in the aspects I have put into practice with my team.
George Okonkwo
First Bank Nigeria

Hofstede Insights analytical and data-driven approach enables a very hands-on, pragmatic and strategic approach to culture. It enabled us to transform our bank into a new direction by understanding the cultural tendencies in the various groups of our bank, and surgically choose follow up actions respectful of the various nationalities within the bank.

John Iossifidis
CEO, Noor Bank

The Intercultural training was organised to sustain and grow our training business worldwide. This training was really tailor-made to fit our organisation’s specific needs. It was delivered by two experienced professionals, who were really complementary in delivering the training. Many thanks for the excellent support.


Hendrik Dermont,
Head of Training Development and Delivery Unit, Eurocontrol IANS

I am so thankful that our team /Hofstede Insights paths crossed in 2018. Our Cultural Ambassador Program mission also contributed to carry us through last year’s crisis. Since I am immersed even more deeply in the topic I am starting to live it and strategically use it in my today’s job and interactions with so many different nationalities working on big projects. What you do with your wonderful team is full of purpose.


Angela B
Contracts manager Commercial contracts and policy, Transportation sector

A group of 24 of our local leadership team members participated in Hofstede Insight´s CEO (Cultural Executive Ownership) Program. The program enabled a very open and deeply personal reflection and discussion within the team on how we can further support our new GE strategy by our own behaviour, within the context of our local operations. The cultural insights provided made it easier for our team members to align their own way of working with the new strategy. I can highly recommend any manager working internationally to participate to this program


Nina Jankola-Vantar
Country HR manager, GE Healthcare

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