Join one of our webinars to learn more about the Hofstede model on Organisational Culture or Intercultural management and the certification courses offered by Hofstede Insights. 


Join one of the monthly cutting-edge webinars and discuss topics related to culture, business, and innovation.


Webinar about the Trust Factor

During this webinar we will introduce:

  • Programme

    • Introduction
    • What is Trust?
    • Lead by Trust
    • Summary and key points
    • Go further and Lead the change --> Introduction of our new Programme that will take place in Helsinki in February, lead by Paulo Finuras.


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The CUBE IN platform was designed to help European SMEs with business and innovation in emerging markets. CUBE IN was set up by a consortium of experts in the fields of cultural differences with the involvement of SME support and innovation agencies. 

More information on https://www.cubein.eu/home/

Webinar about the certification course in Organisational Culture:

During this webinar we will introduce:

  • The Model and its applications
  • The tools that can be used to align culture and strategy
  • The targets and benefits of certifications
  • Q&A session

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Webinar about the certification course in Intercultural Management:

During this webinar we will introduce

In this webinar, our CEO and a member of our network will present Hofstede Insights and how it can help you connect your expertise with the cultural knowledge and practices of Hofstede Insights.

The webinar will last about 20-25 minutes and will be recorded.


1- About Hofstede Insights

2- The Hofstede Insights Network

3- Example from a network member

4- The curriculum and learning path

5- Conclusion and questions

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