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Regular events

Webinar about our Certification programme in Intercultural Management

In this webinar organised 3 times per year, our CEO and one of our Associate Partners will introduce our programme and how it can help you connect your expertise with the cultural knowledge and practices of Hofstede Insights.

The webinars last about 25 minutes and the recording is shared will all registered participants.


1- About Hofstede Insights

2- Our network of Associate Partner

3- Example from a network member

4- The curriculum and learning path

5- Conclusion and questions

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CUBE-IN expert webinars 

The CUBE IN platform was designed to help European SMEs with business and innovation in emerging markets. CUBE IN was set up by a consortium of experts in the fields of cultural differences with the involvement of SME support and innovation agencies. Webinars are organised regularly on various topics.

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Webinar series

Culture: A Strategic Growth Asset | 7 Episodes

In this seven episode webinar series by Hofstede Insights MENA, we breakdown what culture really means, it's impact on business, productivity, leadership financial results, and more.

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Becoming Resilient

The pandemic has turned life and work upside down and many of us feel fatigued. This series will provide resources to increase resilience.


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