The Trust Factor Workshop 

Trust is undoubtedly one of the greatest assets when it comes to facilitating group cooperation and has accompanied humans throughout history. It impacts simple habits, routines, processes, and roles that increase our predictability and reduce uncertainty. Trust is a good example of a “cultural universal,” something that is both multidimensional and fundamental across all societies. Without trust, all human organisations and relationships would end up collapsing.

In this two-day workshop participants will deconstruct the concept of Trust and visualising which parts of Trust need attention in their organisation, for example: Reputation building, Intention clarification or Capability Building.

To do this participants will using our proprietary Organisational Trust Indicator report to link the concept of Trust to 10 key behaviours people need to showcase when they want to increase the likelihood of being trusted, especially across borders. The Trust Factor Workshop is built around the work of Professor Paulo Finuras of the Lisbon School of Economics, an expert with decades of experience of working in low trust societies

the programme

The Trust Factor Workshop programme consists of five parts: 

  • Pre-course webinar and e-learning
  • Organisational Trust Indicator (OTI) survey to measure trust in your team
  • Two days face to face workshop
  • Webinar 
  • Follow up and further resources

Designed for

Our workshop is designed for leaders and managers interested in using our know-how in the field of trust.


What is Trust? 
    • When we talk about Trust, what are we talking about
    • Trust: Myths, benefits and costs
    • The Bio-economic of Trust
Why do we Trust? 
    • How our minds work?
    • The Trust engine
    • Trust consequences
How do we measure Trust? 
    • The Organisational Trust Indicator
    • Trust 3 Dimensions
    • Trust Levels
Leadership and Trust
    • 10 Trust Factor key behaviours: what can I do?
Rebuilding Trust
    • Rebuilding Trust: is it even possible?
    • Trust and Culture differences: what is the link?

Download the article below for more on Trust and its importance for Business: What is trust

Download the full article


This workshop is available as an in-house event contact us for more information