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Are you looking for clear and effective solutions for your culture-related challenges?

How about a strategic partner that will co-create best practices for your team?

Whatever your challenge is in the field of culture, our team has an experienced consultant with solutions that are right for you. Someone who listens, thinks and co-creates solutions with you. But above all: someone who translates strategic thinking into result-oriented action.

We are a team of consultants, trainers, and coaches in national and organizational cultures, combining years of experience in many countries, different cultural backgrounds and a wide range of sectors.

We are experts in the software of the mind - The Culture Factor.

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Our customers say: 

Our Experts in the netherlands




The Dutch managers of a Dutch IT company had not been able to successfully integrate the many Bulgarian and Indian programmers into their teams. The misunderstandings and irritations with the Dutch colleagues became more and more frequent. It was not a question of competency. They were all highly educated and very motivated. By making the impact of the major differences on various dimensions of culture clear to management, we were able to show systematically, but with sensitivity for the people, how the managers could not only bridge the differences, but make them work to the advantage of the team.

Hofstede Insights the Netherlands provides an analytical and data-driven approach that enables a strategic yet very hands-on and no-nonsense, human approach to culture. Expanding your horizon to a more profitable and rewarding business.


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