An open virtual programme hosted by Hofstede Insights consultants.  


Our Introduction to Cross-Cultural Management programme provides participants with insights and practical tools into how multicultural team members work differently and how to improve synergies among the team members. It was designed with the needs of managers working with international teams in mind. 

You are free to choose to complete one, two or three of the levels.  

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(max 20 participants)

Webinar 1: June 6th, 16.00 CEST Online

245€ (excl.VAT)


LEVEL 1+ 2

(max 20 participants)

 Webinar 2: June 13th, 16.00 CEST

Webinar 3: June 20th, 16.00 CEST


495€ (excl VAT)

(normal price 595€) 


LEVEL 1+2+3


Coaching calls are decided based on the availability of the participant and coach. 

Online Starting at 1390€ Registration


(max 20 participants)

Webinar 1: November 15th, 16.00 CET

Online 245€ Registration closed

LEVEL 1+ 2

(max 20 participants)


Webinar 2: November 22nd, 16.00 CET

Webinar 3: November 29th, 16.00 CET




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LEVEL 1+2+3


Coaching calls are decided based on the availability of participant and coach. 

Online Starting at 1390€ Registration closed
A virtual learning programme

Using a multi-method approach consisting of case studies, simulations, and exercises, the Cross-Cultural Management virtual programme is flexible and offers 3 levels of depths:

  • Level 1 - Awareness: Gives participants an understanding of the impact culture has on how to communicate across cultures.
  • Level 2 - Applications: Gives participants an understanding of the impact culture has on motivation and Trust within multicultural teams. Provide participants with concrete tools and strategies to improve leadership and develop long-term relationships with global colleagues and contacts. 
  • Level 3 - Coaching: Equips participants with the necessary competencies to appropriately and effectively respond to the cross-cultural challenges that global leaders are faced with today.
General learning objectives
  • Provide you with an introduction to as well as an applicable understanding of the 6-D model of National Culture
  • Show you how to identify your own cultural traits, making you more aware of cultural challenges within your team
  • Illustrate probable cultural misunderstandings within your multicultural team 
  • Share tools that will allow you to take advantage of the potential of a multicultural teams

After every session, additional resources will be shared to hone your skills. 

Upcoming dates and registration

The programme is offered as an open course for a maximum of 20 people per group. It is hosted by certified Hofstede Insights consultants. Registration is possible until the Thursday (13:00 CEST) preceding the first webinar. Levels can be purchased separately. Contact us for more information on pricing for in-house groups. 

Detailed information on each level

Level 1 includes: 

  • Pre-course survey (10 minutes)
  • Culture Compass assessment (30 minutes)
  • E-learning master class on Culture (120 minutes)
  • NEW DURATION Webinar and exercises (90 minutes including a Q&A)
  • Handouts
  • Additional resources

The Pre-Course Survey 

The pre-course survey helps facilitators understand and customise the content based on the answers of the group. 

The Culture Compass assessment

The Hofstede Insights Culture Compass™ helps you understand the impact of your own cultural value preferences and behaviour while working with people from selected countries, and recognise how your own, personal background impacts the way you see and resolve problems in the workplace. 

E-learning on Culture 

This e-learning Master Class will help you explore the impact of culture on working effectively and confidently despite differences in culture and experience. In addition, you will gain a better understanding of Hofstede’s model, a practical and scientifically-based tool for intercultural management. It is the first step to understanding and managing individual and collective behaviours in an intercultural context.

Webinar: Introduction to Intercultural Communication

Webinar objectives: 

  • Identify situations where culture, rather than personality, plays a role in communication styles
  • Practise potential solutions to problem situations related to different communication styles between two or more cultures

Additional resources to support you to: 

  • Plan for clear communication practices in a multicultural team
Pre-requisite: Level 1

Level 2 includes: 

  • A case study to solve before each webinar
  • 2 Webinars (90 min)
  • Handouts
  • Additional resources

Part 1. Introduction to Motivation Across Cultures 

What motivates you isn't necessarily what motivates others. In the webinar, you will be introduced to the effect of culture on motivation and will leave with a better understanding of how you can motivate each team member. 

  1. Case study to solve before the webinar
  2. Webinar (90 min)
  3. Handout
  4. Additional resources

Webinar objectives: 

  • Differentiate the preferred management styles in different cultures
  • Reflect on your assumptions on motivation within a multicultural team with respect to your own cultural preferences
  • Assess ways of overcoming motivation obstacles across cultures
Additional resources to support you: 
  • Identify motivational approaches across cultures

Case Study:

  • "Management techniques"

Part 2.  Introduction to Trust Across Cultures  

Trust is an essential component of human interaction. In this webinar, you will understand the mechanism behind trust and how you can build it inside your team.

  1. Case study to solve before the webinar
  2. Webinar (90 min) 
  3. Handout
  4. Additional resources

Webinar objectives: 

  • Identify the relationship between trust and the impact national cultures have on the creation of Trust
  • Distinguish the behaviours that produce trust within your multicultural team

Additional resources to support you: 

  • Recognise actions to create trust across cultures 

Case Study:

  • "Promoted and Expatriated: A British Manager in Romania"


  • Level 1
  • Level 2

Level 3 includes:

  • Call 1. Want vs. needs and knowledge assessment 
  • Call 2. Customised plan 
  • Call 3. Follow up all 

Part 1. Want vs. needs and Knowledge assessment

  • Online Coaching Call

Part 2. Building your customised plan

  • Customised plan 

Part 3. Follow up

  • Follow up

Please note that for C-Suite and senior executives the CEO programme is recommended. 

It was my pleasure to follow the Introduction to Cross-Cultural Management course. The cultural difference approach facilitates communication, motivation, and giving feedback in multicultural or foreign environments.
Instead of breaking walls, you can easily open doors."
Fantastic communicator, very clear, collected and eloquent. As a result of these skills, we maximised the hour for all the sessions. Guest speakers were all great too.
Programme participant
Really enjoyed the discussions and input from different participants and learning from their unique backgrounds and perspectives. This added depth and context to the theories discussed. Case studies were helpful in contextualising the theories further. Speakers were eloquent and engaging.
Programme participant
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