About us

Jean-Pierre Coene, Marc Jacobs and Tatjana von Bonkewitz created Hofstede Insights Luxembourg-Belgium S.à r.l. as the local office of Hofstede Insights.

Building on Hofstede Insights' research-backed methodologies, at Hofstede Insights Luxembourg-Belgium, we offer our clients data-based, practical tools to effectively face the cultural and organisational challenges that any international organisation faces.

We combine a long experience in management, sales, R&D, marketing, HR, consultancy and training in the fields of intercultural management and organizational culture in a global context. Our experience covers a wide range of industries including manufacturing, energy, financial, social and public services. We offer our services in English, French, Dutch, German, Luxembourgish and Italian.

Intercultural services

Our intercultural services

We support our clients in harnessing the cultural diversity in their organisations. The workplaces are multicultural, customers are global and with our tools, based on Professor Geert Hofstede’s research and experience, we provide our clients with a practical framework and a language to understand, manage and  effectively use the cultural richness of their organisation and customers.

Workshops, trainings or key note speeches are tailor made for each client. Please contact us at lb@hofstede-insights.com for more information.

Our organisational consulting services

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast" (Peter Drucker).

Hofstede Insights Multi-Focus Model is a highly practical, data-based tool, to measure, analyse and align your organisational culture with your strategy. Together we identify the gaps between the actual culture and the ideal one for your organisation and implement the transformations needed to develop the culture that serves your strategy best.

Each organisational culture intervention is tailor made to your specific organisation. Please contact us at lb@hofstede-insights.com for more information.



Tatjana has been an associate partner of the Hofstede Insights network since 2017. With management positions in operations and in HR, Tatjana has led major organisational change projects and understands the people as well as the business side of change in a range of industries and countries. Passionate about diversity, culture and change she accompanies organisations and individuals in their development. Tatjana is based in Luxembourg.


Marc became associate partner of the Hofstede Insights network in 2014. He is passionate about using intercultural management and organisational culture as management tools to help you optimise the performance of your organisation. Building on his experience in senior international management positions in Operations as well as Sales & Marketing, he co-authored the book: “Negotiate like a local: 7 Mindsets to increase your success rate in international business”.  Marc is based in Luxembourg.


After a career of 35 years in international sales business, Jean-Pierre - author of 2 books, “Négociation internationale : L'entretien de vente en B to B” and with Marc Jacobs “Negotiate like a local: 7 Mindsets to increase your success rate in international business” - dedicates his life to training and consulting.  To help managers in their negotiation, his main tools are the two Hofstede models and non violent communication. Jean-Pierre is based in Brussels.



      The Hofstede based Intercultural training was organised to sustain and grow our training business worldwide. Its aim was twofold: to make our instructors and service managers confident in delivering a course/service in a completely different cultural environment and for our support staff to be aware of multicultural differences and arm them to deal effectively with these. This training was really tailor-made to fit our organisation’s specific needs. It was delivered by two experienced professionals, Tatjana von Bonkewitz and Marc Jacobs, who were really complementary in delivering the training.  Many thanks for the excellent support.

      Hendrik Dermont Head of Training Development and Delivery Unit Network Management Directorate/ Training Division Eurocontrol IANS